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Circle Wellness now allows employers like you to buy a fundamental, comprehensive wellness package online. Don’t worry about losing your precious time in a sales pipeline. This online purchase approach makes it simple to get a top shelf wellness program to your employees (and spouses, if you choose) without the hassle of the sales pipeline.

Our program is designed to be:
  • Turnkey

    You do not have to make a lot of decisions about the design or the components of the program. You are not required to nurture the program milestones or be concerned with the complicated event planning.
  • Purposeful

    Each step in the program is timed with a cadence that will help individuals maximize the value of the knowledge they gain through participation. The information they gain is specific and necessary to help them understand their position with their health status and to make improvement choices with all of the best information at their fingertips.
  • Motivational

    In addition to information about their health, there are two popular and well-designed campaigns during the year to help your people achieve better fitness and nutrition; the most common tools to improve their standing.
  • Measurable

    At the conclusion of each program year, you will receive a comprehensive executive report that summarizes the health of your people, in aggregate, and the engagement of your people with the activity campaigns. You will be able to see, year over year, how your group is improving in each area.
This program is ideal for an enterprise like yours.. Let us share the benefit of 25+ of wellness experience with you and your people so that together you can reap the benefits of the healthiest life you can live!

everything you need to know

Purchase of this program will grant access to the components of a successful wellness program. They are:

  • Access to our state of the art web portal, which houses information such as the Health Risk Appraisal, campaigns, etc.
  • Health Risk Appraisal questionnaire that is designed to identify risk factors in each individual. This HRA includes biometric work that can be learned from a quick doctor’s visit and blood work. In all, the HRA takes about 10 minutes to complete through the portal.
  • A personal report on how each individual is doing health-wise and a comprehensive way to help overcome risk factors.
  • Two full-fledged campaigns to encourage activity and teamwork within your workplace. One takes place in the spring, while the other starts in the fall (when you sign up determines which one your company will complete first).

Everything You Need To Know

All of these things are fundamental in building a great wellness program. It includes necessary pieces for monitoring and managing your employees’ health. This program is designed to have a hands-off approach—you simply purchase the service and we handle the rest!

*This service plan is non-customizable. If you think this is a good start but want more than what this standard program offers, contact us here.

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